The Cubs Might Have Screwed Themselves By Screwing Kris Bryant

This Wednesday, the Cubs play the Pirates in the NL wildcard game. The game is in Pittsburgh, but it’s worth noting that the Cubs finished one win away from hosting it themselves. The slimness of that margin should send Cubs fans back to April, when their front office decided to detain Kris Bryant for a few games in… »10/06/15 1:40pm10/06/15 1:40pm


God Help Us, Are The Steelers The Smartest Team In The NFL?

With 4:20 left in the first quarter of a scoreless game, Ben Roethlisberger hit Heath Miller for a touchdown on a quick turnaround route and immediately turned to his sideline and signaled to go for two. It’s the kind of left-brain peel-out the NFL has been looking for on two-point calls for years. »9/20/15 1:57pm9/20/15 1:57pm

The NFL's Dumbass Deflategate Science Report Is A Feature, Not A Bug

Last night, a mountain of documents and transcription emerged from Tom Brady’s late June appeal hearing before Roger Goodell. It’s been a circus, with a series of insults, emails, and sneaker requests to Tom Ford pouring out of the file cabinet, but the testimony most relevant to the case circles back to whether or… »8/05/15 5:02pm8/05/15 5:02pm

Does Jimmer Fredette Have A Chance In Hell In San Antonio? 

Every so often, as the last dregs of NBA free agency congeal into place, a name floats across the ticker that gives a little shock of Oh, what ever happened to ... ? pause. Last night, it was Jimmer Fredette signing on, with minimal guarantees, to be a San Antonio Spur. And, begging your pardon, consider my hopes for… »7/23/15 9:53am7/23/15 9:53am

LeBron Has Been A Damned Statistical Marvel In The Finals

There’s a way to look at Steph Curry’s stat line as an artifact of not just box score accounting, but his style. If you look closely, there are traces of the visceral experience of watching Steph double axel around a screen and fire up a three from the hip in arcane statistical whimsy, like fast break points outside… »6/11/15 7:30pm6/11/15 7:30pm

The Warriors Had No Idea If Steph Curry Had A Concussion Last Night

Steph called it the scariest fall of his career. “You’re in the air for a long time,” he said after the game, “not knowing how you’re going to hit the floor, knowing that it’s inevitable.” Curry’s taken harder hits—and come away with worse symptoms—but that second-and-a-half or so of unexpected flight was the… »5/26/15 2:07pm5/26/15 2:07pm

Here's A Thingy Tracking NBA Teams' Nerd Ratings Through History

FiveThirtyEight has a cool interactive up today by Nate Silver and frenemy of the program Reuben Fischer-Baum, calculating the Elo ratings throughout history for every team in the NBA. I’m a sucker for Elo ratings, so I love this. I’m also a sucker for the shitbag Knicks, so I pulled up their chart ready to cringe.… »5/21/15 5:00pm5/21/15 5:00pm

How Title IX Actually Makes Money For Some Schools 

It’s pretty common to hear that Title IX creates a huge financial burden on colleges such that even if a school is lucky enough to be making millions on football or basketball, federal law mandates that a certain amount be spent on women’s sports. Leaving aside how this story implies schools are being forced to… »5/14/15 3:00pm5/14/15 3:00pm

Reminder: Those Stats About Patriots Fumbles Are A Mess

After yesterday’s release of the 243-page Wells Report regarding Tom Brady’s balls, Twitter’s begun passing around the tinfoil-hat statistical analysis that was circulated earlier this year “proving” that the Patriots have turned delated balls into impossible luck with regard to fumbles. This isn’t exactly the case. »5/07/15 5:42pm5/07/15 5:42pm

The best example I found of this was them stating “these equations predict that the Patriots balls should have measured between 11.52 and 11.32 psig at the end of the first half, just before they were brought back into the Officials Locker Room. Most of the individual Patriots measurements recorded at halftime,… »5/06/15 7:17pm5/06/15 7:17pm

Wells Report Has Nine Page Statistical Analysis Of Ballghazi: LOL

Ballghazi is a perfect, perfectly hilarious scandal, and it just keeps getting better. To wit: The NFL, having ducked and dodged the many, varied complaints about the criminal behavior of its players, its own far-reaching municipal extortion schemes, and the long-term health effects of the game it promotes, has now… »5/06/15 4:10pm5/06/15 4:10pm

Teams Fouling DeAndre Jordan Lose Because They're Already Losing

During last night’s Spurs-Clippers game, TNT threw up a graphic showing the Clippers’ record when DeAndre Jordan shoots at least 12, 14, and 15 free throws in a game, implying that the donkey show you were watching at the time—a professional athlete performing his sport’s most boring component badly—is not only a… »4/20/15 3:10am4/20/15 3:10am